Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going Green with Scrapping....

Just a quick post today, i have a ton to do after my weekend away, but I wanted to share some of the fun stuff i created while away... This last weekend was our annual scrapbooking girls getaway, we go every year and shop til we drop, scrap til we pass out, and eat til we puke...not really, but feel like it.... :) Altogether I created 11 layouts and 2 really fun mini albums.... I'll just share a few... Awhile back I created a mini album from an old book, I went back to this because I think It's a great way to re-use old books and SAVE THE PLANET!! :) Also, it saves money!!! So I took a few of my old books and remade this... I actually made two, but will only share this one.... I Made this book and called it "Say What?".... I have been keeping a journal of all the fun and funny things the twins say so one day I can look back and show them how silly they were and it's just so cute how toddlers say things..... Here it is before pics and journalling is added... >

Here Are just a few of the layouts I did this weekend .... I even took the time to scrap some old photos of the twins at age one too....
The Professional photos were taken by an amazing photographer, Melissa Waller here in town when they turned one...she had such patience. So happy to get these out of a box and into an album!!

That's all for now.... Happy Scrapping!! :)

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Sandy Michelle said...

I love all the papers you used in your recycled journal! I jotted down the funniest things my kids did and said but I wish I had a cute journal like yours to record it all