Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend the twins have come pretty darn close to 'doing me in'... I don't know if it's the age or the 'new found' 'finding their independence'..or because they haven't been feeling well....probably all of the above.... They are just soooo busy, and soooo MESSY!!! But today, I was scrolling through some pics on my computer and found THESE photos....They reminded me just how much FUN they really are, and that everyday in an adventure and worth everything I do, every DAY!! I am so blessed to be the mom of 3 beautiful children, whom i LOVE 'more than the moon'.....

Have a Great Mother's Day and enjoy your children...even their messes!! :)

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Jana Lynn said...

I am a bad blogger and just figured out how to follow your blog! You commented on one of my dental hygiene rants... I mean blogs... about 2 years ago and I had no idea how to answer back and forgot my password for a good year! haha! I am starting to figure this out and have to tell you 1. your blog is wonderful!! 2. your children are beautiful!! 3. you are such a talented photographer and scrapper!! HOW do you have time?!? AND 4. my 4 yr old is SUCH a MESS!! I can absolutely relate :)